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Spa Consulting Services

With 35 years of experience and specialized knowledge in spa consulting services, we are committed to providing high-level service in all areas.

  • We offer the brand name and know-how of our company through a wide range of services, always in alignment with the unique needs and desires of our clients.


  • Our high-quality services, primarily customer-centric, aim to satisfy both our partner and the ultimate consumer.


  • We design promotional spa materials in the languages that cater to the clientele of each respective hotel. We have materials available in 9 languages.


  • We take on the recommendation with all our partners and suppliers with whom we maintain long-term relationships, ensuring discounted prices and facilitation.


  • We handle the first choice and ordering of cabin products for the spa's operation, and simultaneously the selection, ordering, and placement of retail products for sale in the spa shop.


  • We train the spa staff in massage techniques and specialized facial and body treatments of the companies we collaborate with. Additionally, we provide training on administrative and financial spa processes, the 'customer journey' / spa concept, therapist professionalism, and sales products & processes.


  • We propose advanced wellness management software solutions tailored to the needs of the business.


  • We include our clients in the following social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok.