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Revitalizing eye treatment

An anti-aging and decongesting treatment against wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the sensitive eye area. The targeted APIVITA massage in combination with the action of the products, stimulates microcirculation, providing immediate results for a more rested, youthful and radiant eye look. Duration: 25 min • Price: 40 €


Express Mediterranean skin food menu

A quick but yet complete treatment with immediate rejuvenating benefits for skin and mood, based on APIVITA’s rich Mediterranean treatments menu. Ideally complements our body and massage treatments. Duration: 25 min • Price: 40 €


Mediterranean skin food menu

A holistic treatment based on the menu of the nourishing, antioxidant ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, offering beauty and wellbeing. Depending on its specific needs and type, the skin is revived and invigorated effectively, glowing with freshness and radiance. Duration: 50 min • Price: 70 €


Mattifying cleansing treatment

Recommended to oily/combination skin types, with the characteristic ingredients of Green clay & Propolis. Regulates oiliness, offers antiseptic and antioxidant action, providing a clean, matt and radiant look. Duration: 50 min • Price: 70 €


 Aqua Vita deep hydration treatment

Deep, intense and rejuvenating hydration treatment with immediate refreshing & brightening results. It includes APIVITA facial massage and the application of the APIVITA Αqua Vita line. Rich in chaste tree phyto-endorphins and patented propolis extract, instantly replenishes skin’s moisture levels, while protecting against premature aging. Duration: 50 min • Price: 80 €


Men’s facial treatment

A refreshing, holistic combination of intensive facial treatment and back massage that offers relaxation and a feeling of euphoria.APIVITAMen’sCare linewith cardamom and cedar deeply cleanses, energizes and hydrates skin, diminishing wrinkles and dark circles in the eye area. Duration: 50 min • Price: 70 €


Wine Elixir antiwrinkle treatment

Anti-wrinkle and firming anti-aging treatment that utilizes the powerful antioxidant properties of red wine and resveratrol. As a main active ingredient in red wine, resveratrol activates collagen production to visibly reduce lines and wrinkles, while acting, in combination with the APIVI TA anti-aging massage, as an indulging, natural, repairing elixir of youth with immediate results. Duration: 50 min • Price: 90 €


Queen Bee Firming Treatment

Luxurious holistic anti-aging treatment – inspired by the bee dance – ensures best cellular communication between the skin layers acting on 6 levels and treating all causes to aging skin. Highly concentrated in natural actives and the exceptional benefits of royal jelly, the new Queen Bee is an elixir of life and skin’s youth, restoring firmness and elasticity while offering lifting effect. Intensive hydration and radiance supplement the exceptional benefits of this treatment. The unique APIVITA lifting massage and a targeted energy point activation technique boost cell renewal, invigorate and stimulate microcirculation. Duration: 70 min • Price: 110

Facials for children

Tailor made treatments, according to the individual skin type. Duration: 25 min • Price: 40 €