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Fish Spa

10 min foot fish spa 10 €

20 min foot fish spa 18 €


 Ear Candle

An ancient natural treatment also practiced in Ancient Greece. The slight suppression that is created in the cavity of the ear wax causes a mild massage in the inner part of the ear. The thermo-acoustic method is used to release excess wax from the ear cavity.

Duration: 25 min • Price: 40 €



 Massage for children

 Designed especially for children. Duration: 25 min • Price: 40 €

 Chocolate Massage for children Massage with chocolate. Duration: 25 min • Price: 40 €


Facials for children

Tailor made treatments, according to the individual skin type. Duration: 25 min • Price: 40 €


Style Dreadlocks

 All head in medium length hair 50 €

 All head in long hair 60 €

 Half head hair 35 €

 Manicure for children Price: 15 €

 Pedicure for children Price: 15 €