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Apivita body scrubs

Exfoliation is important for the invigoration and renewal of the skin as it removes dead cells, stimulates microcirculation, and detoxifies, leaving skin silky-smooth and soft.

  • Pure Jasmine exfoliating treatment 
  • Royal Honey exfoliating treatment with sea salts 
  • Herbal Sea Salt exfoliating treatment with sea salt & organic lavender flowers

Duration: 25 min • Price: 45 €


Rose pepper anti-cellulite body treatment

This exclusive APIVITA treatment with red and black pepper stimulates lipolysis and volume reduction, while offering anti-cellulite action. The treatment utilizes the alternation between warm and cool to firm body skin, while the combination of the anti-cellulite massage helps increase blood and lymph circulation and detoxifies. For best results, a regimen of 6 treatments – two per week – is highly recommended.

Duration: 50 min • Price: 70 €


Royal Honey

Luxurious anti-aging treatment with fresh royal jelly and honey, straight from the APIVITA beehives. Royal jelly, known as the elixir of youth, offers intensive nourishment, repair and renewal even to the most demanding skins. A holistic, honey-sweet beauty experience that improves skin texture and offers an incomparable feeling of relaxation and euphoria. Duration: 50 min • Price: 70€


Deep hydrating cooling treatment

A refreshing treatment that deeply hydrates and regenerates skin. The treatment includes a full body massage with a combination of plant oils that moisturizes and nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. A wrap with fossil body mask refreshes and soothes irritated skin after sun bathing and provides the body skin with deep moisture. Following, a short facial with the express mask with aloe rejuvenates the skin and provides a feeling of freshness. Recommended for dry dehydrated skin, and ideal after extended sun exposure.

Duration: 50 min • Price: 80 €


Deep body detox

Deep cleansing and detoxification with green clay and essential oils. Reduces fluid retention, invigorates skin and ideally complements any slimming regimen.

Duration: 50 min • Price: 90 €